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The quadricopter FlySmart 2.0 is the new entry-level model of the FlyTop S.p.A fleet.
Lightweight and simple to use (in manual or automatic mode), it is the ideal solution to carry out aerial photography missions, documenting archaeological sites, to be used for Journalism and TV all while maintaining very low operating costs.
FlySmart 2.0 is fully foldable: it is transported on the field already assembled, it is equipped with its own transport case and it is ready to fly in a few moments.
The UAV is made of a high quality carbon frame and can bring a 20 MPX compact camera or other sensor.
FlySmart needs only one operator that communicate with the UAV via PC or tablet. This is where the operator define the area to be detected and the flight planning process is activated.
Once in the air, the UAV carries out the pre-set mission and strictly follows the flight plan until landing autonomously, or, if the mission is complex, in manual mode.
The FlySmart 2.0 is equipped with the flight terminator to perform operations in critical areas.
The UAV system FlySmart enables three flight modes: manual, automatic and GPS.
The manual mode, in which all flight functions and operations are delegated to the pilot, is ideal when the operator is in areas without GPS signal.
Although the stabilization controls ensure the quality and safety of the flight, it is necessary a specific piloting course for the UAC, at the FlyTop S.p.A headquarter.
After the landing the data acquired are transferred from FlySmart to PC via cable or Wi-Fi and can be exported to all major formats.



FlySmart 2.0 Features

✔ High capacity telemetry

✔ High quality carbon fibre frame

✔ Flight time 15 minutes

✔ 2 axes Gimbal

✔ Reduced maintenance

✔ Automatic Flight with set of the mission from PC or tablet, automatic take-off and landing

✔ Engines and propellers specifically designed for a capacity load (payload) of 500 g

✔ Extremely compact quadricopter

✔ Quick and easy to put in flight

✔ Versatility of use

✔ 20 Mpx photo sensor


FlySmart Technical Features

Max System Diameter: 100 cm
Height: 35 cm
Takeoff weight: 2.3 kg (without sensor)
Batteries: 1 lithium polymer-4S 14,8V, 10000mAh
Engines: 4 Motori elettrici brushless
4 brushless electric motors 1 to 4 km
Flight time: 15 minutes with 0,5 kg payload (sensor and gimbal)
Take-off: Autonomous from the ground or a platform
Landing: Automatic within a 3 x 3 m area or manual, assisted by stabilizers
Flight altitude (min-max): 1-150 m
Operators number: 1
Operating conditions: -5°C/+40°C
Standard cruising speed: 18 km/h
Mission Control: PC or Tablet
Sensors: Compact camera, thermal camera, infra red
Automatic Navigation: Based on GPS, IMU, altimeter
Flight modes: Manual, automatic
Data Transmission: Wireless
Radio control links: 2.4 GHz for a maximum of 2Km distance between model and radio
Security checks: Return- to -launch in case of loss of the radio signal
Transport case: Aluminium fly bag with hinges and handles