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FlyBit is a new generation multicopter UAV, characterized by a flight time up to 1 hour with a minimum payload and a load capacity up to 6 kg. FlyBit represents the top range of theFlyTop S.p.A fleet. Suitable for professionals who demand the quality of the data, therefore, they need a stable, precise and wind resistant vehicle, thanks to a compact carbon fibre structure and assisted by its 8 coaxial motors with also carbon propellers.
With its 8 Kg of tonnage (excluding sensors) the robustness, stability and precisely are the main priorities, despite having a considerable weight.
Designed to adapt to the requirements of the customer the FlyBit is the ideal UAV for those who perform in the territorial control activities such as aero photogrammetric or structural surveys with hyper and multispectral sensors, lidar and so on.
Due to its efficiency in flight duration, hovering and movement stability, it is highly recommended for applications where the video and photographic component is essential: photogrammetry, journalism and cinema. Thanks to a stabilized Gimbal, swiveling on 2 or 3 axes depending on the requirements, it is possible to make very high quality shots which makes the FlyBit the best UAV multicopter for this type of applications.
The FlyBit therefore is a sturdy, precise, stable UAV, with unique load and flight capacity, suitable for inspections and execution of more accurate measurements.
The FlyBit is an extremely safe UAV because, in addition to being equipped with the return-to-launch function, is equipped with parachute and flight terminator with dissimilar command, that can be activated in case of emergency. The FlyBit is able to fly with 2 engines out of use (not on the same arm) in case of failure. Like the other FlyTop S.p.A UAVs, the FlyBit can be controlled in flight operations in automatic, GPS or manual model; in the first case the flight plan is defined by the specific software FlyTop Manager. This can be done via PC or Tablet.
In any case, the operator can exclude the automatic flight and perform the operations manually using the remote control if it deems necessary, if for example there is the presence of obstacles or landing zones of reduced dimensions. If manually operated, the FlyBit ensures the maintenance of a stable position and the almost complete coverage of the underlying scenario. After landing the data acquired are transferred from FlyBit to PC, by cable or Wi-Fi, for the elaboration with a specific software.
FlyBit is made in the FlyTop S.p.A laboratory of production, which is also involved in providing the necessary pre- and post-sales support.




FlyBit Features

✔ Digital Telemetry
✔ High quality carbon fibre frame
✔ Flight time up to 1 hour
✔ 8 engines
✔ Flight terminator and parachute
✔ 2 or 3 axes Gimbal with brushless motors
✔ Remote and/or automatic snapshot command
✔ Automatic Flight with set of the mission from PC or tablet, automatic take-off and landing
✔ Flight for experienced users with remote control for access in areas without GPS
✔ Motors and propellers designed specifically for load capacity (Payload) of 6 Kg
✔ Green, red, white signaling LED
✔ Battery charger for an operational area use or with the electricity grid
✔ Export data in all major formats
✔ Transportation Box customizable with company logo


FlyBit Technical Features

Max System Diameter: 90 cm
Height: 50 cm
Takeoff weight: 8 kg (without sensor)
Batteries: 2 lithium polymer-6S –  3,3Ah
Engines: 8 brushless electric motors
Range: 1 to 5 km
Flight time: 1 hour with a max payload of 1 kg (sensor and gimbal)
Take-off: Autonomous from the ground or a platform
Landing: Automatic within a 4 x 4 m area or manual, assisted by stabilizers
Flight altitude (min-max): 1-150 m
Numero di operatori: 1/2
Condizioni operative: -5°C/+40°C
Standard cruising speed: 18 km/h
Mission Control: PC or Tablet
Sensors: Camera, camcorder, hyper-spectral, multi-spectral, thermal camera, Lidar
Automatic Navigation: Based on GPS, IMU, altimeter
Flight modes: Manual, automatic and GPS
Data Transmission: Wireless
Radio control links: 2.4 GHz for a maximum of 2Km distance between model and radio
Security checks: Return- to -launch in case of loss of the radio signal, emergency parachute
Transport case: Aluminium fly bag with hinges and handles


Automatic within a 4 x 4 m area     or manual, assisted by stabilizers