FlyFast® 2.0


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FlyFast 2.0 is the new entry in the FlyTop S.p.A fleet. It is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  with inoffensive characteristics according to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority Regulations – Edition 2 of 16.07.2015, Amendment 1 of 21 December 2015. It is a vehicle particularly suitable for carrying out missions on critical classified areas, thanks to its small size, its harmless characteristics, its ease of use, excellent stability and the ability to capture high-resolution images.
FlyFast 2.0 is not only directed to those who need to make aero-photogrammetric surveys, but also for those involved in land mapping in urban areas, in precision, in archaeological sites surveys, in the monitoring of networks passed for critical areas (oil pipelines, gas pipelines, etc.), also its use is appropriate for organizations active in the prevention and management of emergencies. Designed and manufactured with an operational take-off mass less than 2 kg, all specialized operations conducted with this RPAS are considered non-critical in all operating scenarios, thanks to materials used and patented in Italy.
The aircraft does not require more than one operator and, once on the field, in less than a minute the FlyFast 2.0 is ready to fly. After this phase, it is possible to pass to the planning of the mission, through a proper planning software executable from PC or tablet, that also helps the operator to check out all the system telemetry data.
The FlyFast 2.0 performs the mission in automatic mode from takeoff to landing. For take-off it does not need a launching pad, but it take place through the launch of the aircraft in the air by the operator. The landing can be made instead in automatic or manual mode, depending on the will of the pilot.
The data acquired by the onboard sensor, are integrated from the exterior orientations file (latitude, longitude, altitude, pitch, roll and yaw).
The FlyFast 2.0 design allows operations with different weather conditions without these undermine the work that is taking place, allowing simultaneously an excellent restitution of images captured by the sensor: the plastic structure used to build the UAV in fact provides lightness and strength which can support accidental impacts with the ground.
FlyFast 2.0 is provided with several sensors, photogrammetric camera, thermal camera and multispectral camera, all plug-and-play. The APR is delivered inside a small size box to be used for the transport and the convenient and easy stowing.
FlyTop S.p.A also provides the necessary pre- and post-sales support.



The advantages of FlyFast 2.0

✔ Harmless

✔ Small dimensions

✔ Economic

✔ Ease of use

✔ Personalization of colours and finishing depending on the type of landing surface

✔ Navigation with automated flight altitude on the Google 3D profile (SRTM)

✔ Anti-panic function that disables all controls and activates the circular overflight function with a stable altitude around the operator

✔ Black Box

✔ Designed, manufactured, assembled in Italy in the FlyTop lab


FlyFast 2.0 Technical Features

Wingspan: 109 cm
Lenght: 56 cm
Takeoff weight: 0,85 kg
Batteries: 1 lithium polymer-3S 1800mAh
Engines: Brushless electric motors 180 W
Range: 1 to 10 Km
Flight time: 30 minutes
Take-off: By hand
Landing: Manual/assisted/parachute
Flight altitude: 1-150 m
Operators number: 1
Maximum operating speed: 12,5 m/s
Wind resistance: Gusts up to 12 m/s
Operating conditions: -5°C/+40°C; operability in case of rain
Standard cruising speed: 8,3 m/s
Mission Control: PC or Tablet
Sensors: 20 MPx compact camera
Automatic Navigation: Based on GPS, IMU, altimeter
Flight modes: Manual, assisted, automatic
Data Transmission: 433 or 868 MHz
Radio control links: 2.4 GHz for a maximum of 2Km distance between model and radio
Security checks: Return- to -launch in case of loss of the radio signal, terminating system, flight bound electronically in an area defined by the PC