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FlySecur is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed to perform functions of surveillance in situations where control and monitoring of the territory is required from the sky, for reconnaissance and to maintain an objective constantly under control. The FlySecur applications do not end only in the area of security: the aircraft in fact can be used successfully in the management of emergencies and for coverage of sporting events that take place in large spaces, such as a car or boat race.
The main features of FlySecur are the ability to install a 360° IR camera, the possibility of maintaining an automatic route around a target, the silent flight and night vision goggles. The video information acquired during the flight and all the telemetry data (longitude, latitude, altitude, horizon position, direction, etc.) are transmitted to the CGS in real time, where these may also be registered.
The flight plan of FlySecur can be managed using the supplied software directly from a PC or Tablet.
FlySecur takes off manually or with a launch ramp and can be landed in manual, automatic or FBW mode. The aircraft has a range of 30 minutes flight.



The advantages of FlySecur®

✔ Digital Telemetry

✔ Customizable colors and finishes according to the uses

✔ Structure in expanded polypropylene (EPP)

✔ Navigation with automated flight altitude on the Google 3D profile (SRTM)

✔ Infrared Camera 360°

✔ Night Vision Goggles

✔ Real-time video transmission over long distances

✔ Pointing and maintaining the target

✔ Anti-panic function that disables all controls and activates the     circular overflight function with a stable altitude around the operator

✔ Black Box

✔ Optional Transponder

✔ Silent Engine

✔ FlyBag aluminum hinges and handles


Typical examples of use

Assistance to law enforcement and traffic analysis
In case of traffic congestion or accident the aircraft can provide support to the police flying over the area and checking the cause of congestion and the presence of any accidents.

Control of public order
Tensions during sport events, protests and similar events can quickly degenerate and require the police intervention to prevent personal injury and / or property damage. The flight of the FlySecur can be an excellent decision support tool.

Surveillance with infrared camera
The aircraft can be equipped with an infrared camera that allows, by detecting changes in heat, the identification of persons in vehicles or buildings.

Territorial control
In all those critical areas that require a particularly intense and constant control of the territory.

Emergency management
The real-time data acquired by remote sensors placed on the flight unit, allow to optimize the analysis of the emergency situation and to apply the correct operational mode.

Journalism and TV
Some sports require a continuous video coverage of large areas. FlySecur is appropriate to meet the requirements of continuous video coverage of large areas.


FlySecur® Technical Features

Wingspan: 195 cm
Lenght: 75 cm
Takeoff weight: 2,5 kg
Batteries: 1 lithium polymer-3S 5000mAh
Engines: Brushless electric motors 330 W
Range: 1 to 30 Km
Flight time: 30 minutes
Take-off: Manually or by a launching pad
Landing: Manual/assisted/parachute
Flight altitude (min – max): 1-150 m
Operators number: 1
Maximum operating speed: 65 km/h
Wind resistance: Gusts up to 40 km / h
Operating conditions: -5°C/+40°C, operability in case of rain
Standard cruising speed: 39 km/h
Mission Control: PC or Tablet
Sensors: Customized to the use
Automatic Navigation: Based on GPS, IMU, altimeter
Flight modes: Manual, FBW, automatic
Data Transmission: Wireless
Radio control links: 2.4 GHz for a maximum of 2Km distance between model and radio
Security checks: Flight bound electronically in an area defined by the PC